All my life I've wanted a red door. Not a pansy shade of red, a vibrant, firetruck, lipstick RED. Red that can't be mistaken for anything else. You know the kind of red I'm talking about.

From the first time we drove up to our house, I knew it would look fantastic with my kind of red door. I took a while, but I finally noticed the decorative gable shingles that were all but blending in with the siding.

Today I took matters into my own hands! Two quarts of paint, a wasps' nest, burned feet and a lot of sweat later, I have my red door! (Yes, I did do a coat on the roof but the millionaire took over for me despite his dislike of heights.)

I started by setting up a station for the door under my craft show canopy, then by taping off the doorway so the cats couldn't escape. Then the Millionaire kindly took the door off its hinges for me and we carried it out to the blanket covered saw horses. I wanted to preserved the paint job on the back side of the door, hence the blankets.

I did two coats with a paint brush and two with a roller to even things out. I absolutely LOVE how it all turned out. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 

Red door 2

Red door

Red door 3

Red door 4

Red door 5

Red door 6

Red door 7