If you have been around for any length of time, you may remember this little job I started way back when. I am proud to say that I have completed the hardest part!

Wall paper down 

Three times: that's how many times I scraped the walls in the laundry to get all the paper and glue off. (yes, I tried a steamer, hot water, gel and blue goo. I recommend blue goo and a razor)

Girls rule laundry [roject 

The jr. Millionaire girl has been a great little project partner this summer! I love it!

Laundry paint job

The wallpaper is gone, the room is painted in what is fast becoming a favorite shade of mine, and I've even got a cute little rug in place. The bad news is that glass? The glass that is lying on top of the new washer and dryer? It fell from the light fixture as we were working. No joke! Guess I'll have to buy a new fixture for the fancy laundry room.