eBay has a Parent Panel, made up of tons of awesome bloggers. They create sponsored content and give lots of tips and strategies for selling on eBay. After we wrapped up filming on our videos for the Money Makers web series, I learned about the Parent Panel. It sounded like a really cool idea, and so I asked how to learn more.

Fast forward past editing stage, video release and the GR Press write-up, I received an email inviting me to the 2012 eBay Parent Panel Summit! I was super excited, not only to meet the Parent Panel members, but to LEARN. The event was a 2-day seminar style event at eBay’s Whitman Campus, with lots of amazing eBay employees and sellers sharing TONS of information. There was no way I was going to turn down such a cool opportunity, so I quick made travel arrangements and hopped a plane to San Jose.

Ain’t we cute?! Photo courtesy of Airfoil PR

All I can say is WOW! I have so much to share about the event. We covered topics from a-z, but for now, I am laser focused on one of the topics I was most interested in: The eBay Education Specialist Certification.

Ever since I began selling on eBay on a more regular basis, people have had something to say. Many people are curious about a few key things:

1) How to get started
2) How to price their items
3) How to ship

I was very fortunate to meet Tristen O’Brien, a fellow Money Makers Series star (yes, we ARE stars!) and pummel him with a million questions. I felt like I knew him from watching his story, so I really perked up when he told me he had recently gone through the Education Specialist training. FATE! I became more and more convinced the longer we talked. So that’s my goal y’all! I’ve got a few items that I am going to list that I think can earn the money for the class. It’s very reasonably priced. I can’t wait.  You can check out Tristen’s awesome Money Makers videos and his terribly informative website.

I’ve found myself more than once getting into conversations (and sounding like an infomercial!) and thinking later that I could probably teach people. eBay is SO easy, and getting easier all the time. ANYONE can be an eBay seller. Add that to my mother’s voice insisting that I go into a teaching career, and you can see how I got fixated. Then a sweet lady tracked me down from the Press article. She took the trouble to find me and ask me to teach her. I’m going to get a little practice under my belt while I raise the money to become certified, so that once I am fully trained, I will be a tad more comfortable.  She gets a discounted rate, and I get some experience; it’s a win-win.

I love the idea of having eBay certified and produced documents as tools to use. I really think I can do it. Look at me ma! I’m becoming a teacher after all!



Y’all the website is growing still…just pretend there is yellow construction tape and orange cones lying around. I’ll get this all figured out sooner or later.