I grew up making lists. I also grew up in a church group that emphasized setting and accomplishing goals. Lately with the eBay web series and the awesome Parent Panel trip, my goal setting has been in overdrive.  When I first read about the Parent Panel,  I thought it was a very cool idea. Then I attended the 2012 summit as a guest, and I KNEW it was a cool program.

All this is to say that I have been invited to be ON the Parent Panel! I’m so excited to be able to check that off my list of current goals for my eBay selling and teaching.

One of the cool things about the Parent Panel is that I will be posting information sponsored by eBay, to help spread the word about all the things I’m learning. There’s tons of cool stuff, y’all. While I haven’t had a specific goal to become a paid writer, I started this blog in the hopes of keeping my skills up and reaching a wider audience than just family and far flung friends. So this opportunity is a two-fold accomplishment.


I can’t wait!