Whenever I tell folks that I am an eBay seller,  almost everyone I talk to has the same question “How did you get started selling?”  Everybody has heard of eBay and lots of people have become comfortable shopping on eBay, but selling seems to leave ’em shaking in their boots. For me, selling was born of necessity. My husband and I were in a bit of a bind and we needed some extra money. It was a no- brainer for me to crank up the eBay account and give it a try. I knew I had nothing to lose. For many people though, it’s not a no-brainer. In fact, I hear that it can be very scary to get started.

One of the biggest ways to ease your mind is to become a BUYER on eBay first. Now, I’m cheap as all get out, so I am not suggesting you to go blow your life savings, y’all. Becoming a buyer first gives you confidence to navigate eBay’s website.  Buying also helps you understand how payment, shipping and feedback work. It’s  also a great way to build your feedback score, which will give confidence to your future buyers.  By shopping you will inadvertently learn a LOT. So,  ladies and gents, want a great excuse to shop? Here it is: shopping = studying.


As you shop/study remember to think about the following:

1) How do the photos look?  Blurry, dark, or upside down photos don’t look so great. In fact, many people would pass right by. Would you buy an item if you couldn’t really make out all the details? Do you feel you can part with your money if you aren’t quite sure what you are actually buying


2) What kinds of titles catch your eye? As a seller you have 80 characters to grab your buyer’s attention. Every character counts!  Successful sellers use brand names, sizes, and other descriptors in their titles. Keywords are likely to catch your attention and they will catch your buyers’ attention too. Consider what drew you to the items you wanted to buy: what was the title like? Clear and descriptive?


3) How much is it gonna cost? As a buyer, I always want to know the bottom line. How much am I REALLY going to spend?  As you shop, take a look at the item price, but don’t forget the shipping cost.  Some sellers prefer to offer free shipping with higher sales prices, while some keep everything separate. Sometimes there are additional handling fees.  Which listings that make you want to spend your money? What payment options are available?


4) How does the whole package look?  Are the policies spelled out clearly?  Is the information in the detailed item specifics section the same as the description?  Are there 6 different font sizes in neon writing?  How soon does the seller say they will ship?  Can you find all the information you need about shipping costs, payments and returns?  Think about the listings that are neat in appearance, clearly written and have good titles and photos.  These are the types of listings that are successful.


After you’ve studied the listings for a while with the eye of a seller, and maybe even bought a thing or two, you will have an idea of the kinds of listings that make you want to spend your money.  Chances are, those are the types of listings that make other people want to spend their money as well.  As you study and shop, your confidence will increase. It’s not hard to make attractive, clearly written listings.  Anyone can do it!  That’s what I love about eBay.  ANYONE can be a seller.  Anyone, y’all!

When you’re ready to take the plunge into selling, eBay has made it as easy as 1-2-3!





Legal mumbo-jumbo: This is an eBay sponsored Parent Panel post, however the opinions, vernacular, and any mistakes are my own.

 Check back every month for more selling tips and strategies! xoxo windylou