Everybody knows how much I love eBay. Using the eBay Mobile App just makes it that much better. Listing is super fast – like 60 seconds fast. I use the mobile app every single day to keep up with my sales, to check prices, answer customer questions and determine what items will be best for resale. No joke. I love it. Not only do I use the mobile app on my iPhone, I use it on my iPad as well. All my photos are synced with the cloud, so I can quickly list from either device without having to transfer, upload or mess with any photos. Tap, tap, tap and done!

I’m clearly not the only one who loves using the eBay mobile app: eBay is celebrating the 100 millionth mobile listing by giving a lucky someone $25,000! Pretty cool huh? And 100 MILLION listings? Holy guacamole!

Here’s how to enter:

Anyone who lists an item between Sept. 5-14 via the eBay Mobile app is entered to win $25,000. Follow this exact link to get registered and download the app:


Remember, you HAVE to use that exact link to be entered in the contest.  Easy peasy. You can do it! eBay will select the winner and notify them within 6 weeks. (I won’t be the one choosing, probably because I am evil and I would choose myself. ME! Bwahahahahaha)

If you’re new to using the app or new to selling on eBay in general, check out tips on how to price items, take awesome pictures and ship without leaving the house, check out the Quick Start Guide:


Good luck and happy selling!




Disclosure: This post is part of my work with the eBay Parent Panel and is compensated as such, but my love for the mobile app and selling on eBay is mine, all mine! Photo courtesy of eBay.