We have seven cats. Let that sink in a mo. SEVEN. KITTIES. I love them! I am officially a crazy cat lady but I don’t care. I’ve rescued 7 cats from certain death and kept 7 cats from creating even more unwanted animals. All of our kitty babies are either spayed or neutered (except the newest baby who is only 3 months old – he will be neutered soon) and they all have their claws.

Every single one has a unique personality. I can’t imagine life without them. My instagram, facebook and twitter feeds are full of picture of their antics,  but I don’t think I’ve ever formally “introduced” them on this here site! Well, here y’all go:

Kitty Cat – Yep, we call him kitty cat. His name on paper is Buddy. We were going to change it but couldn’t agree on a good name. In the meantime, he learned KC so KC it is. KC is our damaged baby. We adopted him from a shelter. The shelter employee told us that he and his litter mates (who were already spoken for when we arrived) had been rescued from a hoarder’s home with nearly 100 cats. KC, his mama and her other kittens were all living in a cage together when they were rescued. He was the most loving, loveable kitten and has grown into one of the most affectionate of the cats. Kitty Cat spent his babyhood nights sleeping either on my head, next to my head, around my neck or on my chest. He loves to “go under” and sleep under the covers, where he thinks he is invisible. He loves to sit in my lap, especially when I am on the toilet (!) and if he’s not snuggling on me, he’s keeping abreast of all the news in the house by patting me and telling me what’s up. He often wakes me to tell me that the kitties are hungry by  sitting just next to my head and meowing. If I don’t respond, he lightly pats my face or arm, and if I don’t respond he sticks out ONE claw and taps me with it, the little shit. He loves nothing more than to be paid all the attention and would give us all his affection all day long. But only people. He doesn’t care for other kitties because they take all the attention away from him. It’s hard to be mad at Kitty Cat when he acts like an ass to the other cats because we almost lost him.

When we got KC we lived in a small town, and felt comfortable letting him outside from time to time. There were lots of woods and fields nearby and he normally stayed close by. If he happened to be out later than normal, I could leave the garage cracked open and he’d be waiting when I checked.  When he wasn’t having adventures outside he wanted to me by me, on me, near me or at least be able to lay eyes on me AT ALL TIMES. One morning I got up to take the Millionaire to work and couldn’t find KC. I called him to me and NO ANSWER from the cat that “talked” to me all. day. every. day. I started to get worried and when I found him I nearly cried. He was lying on the floor w/ no focus in his eyes and hissed at me. He tried to get away but couldn’t walk – every time he got up, he fell right back over. Unfortunately, I had to leave to take the Millionaire – KC was stashed in our kitchen w/ food water and laid on a blanket until I could get home. I felt he’d be ok, but by the time I returned he was worse. Limp like he was dying worse. I scrambled around to find a vet that offered emergency services in our podunk town that would take him in right away. Several turned me away. (!!!) We finally got him in – they didn’t have to tell me that if I had waited he would have died. I know it – he was barely breathing and completely lifeless. KC was given fluids and antibiotics but the vet couldn’t say what was making him fall over. Their best guess was that he had a head injury of some kind or a nerve problem that was killing his equilibrium. He stayed a week. We visited every day and they told us that he cried and cried until we came to visit – it was the only time he was quiet. When the wanted to keep him over another weekend because of lack of improvement, I asked if we could just take him home. I felt that Kitty Cat wanted me, home. I agreed to keep him isolated in a small bathroom so that he didn’t try walking & to hand feed him mushy watered down food so that he didn’t lose more hydration. The vet wanted to see him back in a week. Well, guess what? In that week’s time, KC improved more than he had during the week spent at the vet. He was able to stand, eat and drink. Walking was very wobbly, but possible. At the check up, the vet discovered what they finally believed to be the problem. Buried under the skin between his shoulder blades, was a bug larvae. Apparently there are field insects that burrow into animals’ skin through the hair follicles and then grow to maturity, living on the host animal. So, KC underwent surgery to remove the worm. Since he had done so well at home, the vet allowed me to take him home for recovery. I hand fed and watered my sweet KC for about 3 months until he reached his new normal state.

As a result of his trauma KC has permanent damage to his equilibrium. He spins in circles when he is anxious, tired or excited. We also believe he has damage to one of his eyes, although the vet has told us that he still has vision, he often does not sense or see objects coming at him until they touch the whiskers near his eye. The other eye is fine.

After the whole ordeal we decided that Kitty Cat and any future cats would be indoor only pets. I hate to deny them the freedom of the outdoors, but it’s not worth losing one of my babies! From time to time, KC escapes.He has had a 10 day vacation in Downtown Grand Rapids (We almost gave up – 10 days is a long time to survive a busy downtown urban area!) that resulted in a house full of fleas and a 5 day winter adventure in the park near our current home! He has most definitely used of several of his 9 lives, but he remains my sweetest admirer.