I’ve been here since Saturday night. I started cleaning Monday morning, with the goal to clean the kitchen and laundry room. I’m about 10 minutes away from falling asleep and still have more than half the kitchen to go after two 8 hour + days of  nonstop cleaning. The kitchen alone is going to take 3 days.

It’s so overwhelming, emotionally and physically. I’m exhausted, but I feel good because monkey is making such progress. She is working along side me after  a full day at her job! I can see that she is really trying to make some changes, which in turn, makes it so much easier for me to keep plugging along.

The silence is wonderfully calming. I’ve realized this trip how being so physically far from the people who stir up drama lifts a weight of stress off my shoulders. And when monkey comes home, I enjoy the chatter just as much.

Dad has been a trooper too. He has allowed me to use the dumpster at his restaurant. It may not seem like a big deal until you realize how much has been tossed already. Today I filled half of the bed of his Ford F-150 with garbage bags. Out of the kitchen. One room. Three days that very well could turn into a fourth.

Now my muscles are telling me that it is time for rest!