At this point I don’t even know what I can say. The entire process is taking much longer than I expected, and I felt I was giving myself leeway for things to go wrong.

A full week later, I still haven’t finished IN THE KITCHEN. Other rooms have been cleared a ¬†here and there to make space or to act as a holding place. Some small areas have had a thorough scrub, but not a single room is actually clean. We have put countless boxes of clothing and miscellaneous items at the curb, which disappear almost as fast as we put it out. But there is always more. And more. And more. ¬†Without and end to the habit of lying things down “just for a minute” or and end to the ” need” of extraneous stuff, there’s no way this job will ever end.

Without a serious change in habits, no one will be able to tell I’ve even been there even a few days after I’ve gone. I have reached my limit emotionally and mentally. Sadly, I have to admit defeat. The disorder wins. The hoard comes out on top.