Damn! It’s my most searched post. A tongue in cheek sass to Lucero singer Ben Nichols’ at the time girlfriend, Memphis school-mate and model Mary Cullen Weeden. The pair were featured in a Memphis Flyer hottest couple issue in 2005 – that’s the image of the cover. This is the post everyone finds, and seven years later I regret using the term superbitch, even jokingly. It was unbecoming, especially because Mary Cullen Weeden is so damn nice. Frankly, I’m ashamed of myself.

So where are they now?

Ben Nichols – still scruffy, still skinny, still sporting the requisite white t-shirt and jeans. Lucero is still going strong, rockin out in bars all over the country.

Mary Cullen Weeden – Now Mary Cullen Underhill-Pomeroy. What a beautiful sweetheart! She’s put the modeling life behind her and is on to new ventures. I had a chance to catch up with Mary Cullen while I was in Memphis for Gonerfest/Deep Clean Extravaganza 2012. She’s working at the beautiful Pavo Salon in the Laurelwood Shopping Center in East Memphis. After doing the whole world traveler model thing, and then spending some time in the bar tender/hot waitress scene, she’s settled into married life & a new career as a hair stylist. She’s got an awesome apprenticeship going at Pavo and did an amazing job cutting my hair!