I raved about my love for Shutterfly and now I can rave about their sister-company TinyPrints!

It’s been a little while since I sat down and twitter partied, but in one of my last forays, I won a notebook from TinyPrints. Like Shutterfly, most of TinyPrints’ offerings can be personalized with photos, but seeing how I have SO MANY PICTURES that it makes my head spin to look through them all, I went with a pre-designed notebook and added my name. Now, my name is a doozy. Everyone, but everyone spells it wrong – and that is just my first name. Now that I’m married to The Millionaire, taking his name has made things truly FUBAR!

Anyway, I received my notebook just before leaving for Memphis a few weeks ago. LOVE. First off,  the minimal packing materials rock. My notebook was shipped in a thin cardboard envelope and the notebook itself was shrink wrapped to prevent damage from moisture. I can easily recycle the shipping materials, and my cute notebook arrived in tip-top shape.


The cover is flexible but sturdy. It has what looks like a layer of laminate or plastic over the paper cover which is awesome.  My OCD gets its panties in a wad over bent corners on notebooks, so the fact that this one won’t get those bendy corners is a big plus. The paper is nice too, with lines and a spot up top for the date or a heading. So far I’ve only gazed lovingly at my notebook, it’s so pretty I almost can’t bear to start writing.

Seeing your name in  print is lovely isn’t it?


I ordered Coffee Tiles in Red Lantern.

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