Once in a blue moon I get a hankering for some jewelry. If you’ve ever met or known me IRL, you know that I am not a high-maintenance¬† make-up and jewels type. It’s a pretty rare thing that I go searching for a piece of jewelry. The last time I got new jewelry was for my birthday back in April – my husband bought me a pair of birthstone (diamond, baby!) earrings. Before that was over a year before when I bought a pair of earrings from an ETSY shop. Those didn’t work out so well….but I digress.

My Pinterest addiction unwittingly exposes me to all sorts of things I’d never go looking for. Most of them I give a glance and then move on, but stackable rings have struck a chord. I’ve seen so many cool iterations, but I keep coming back to simple silver bands. Well, there is an amazing white gold one that I would LOVE to have but it’s something silly like $300 or $600.¬† Anyway, silver bands. Love them. Need them. Don’t wanna spend the money.¬† I do visit them from time to time


They can be found here.