In an amazing opportunity I had this Spring, I met Ms. Parham (featured the above eBay Thanks You video) as part of the eBay Parent Panel Summit. That short trip changed my entire outlook about eBay. I thought I was already on top of the world after being selected as part of the MoneyMakers Web Series last fall, but those 2 days in California blew me away. When I was offered a spot on the Parent Panel, I was overwhelmed. My enthusiasm has only grown since March with a renewed focus on building my eBay business.

It’s difficult for me to put into words what being affiliated with eBay has done for me. For many casual sellers, eBay is just another way to get the junk out of their house. It’s much more to me. Finding a way to legitimately work from home is priceless. In addition to having time with my husband, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of eBay and meet other bloggers who have been a tremendous help to me. Through the Parent Panel I have discovered that I have the desire to do more than just sell. As of this week, I enrolled in the eBay Education Specialist Program. The certification that comes with completion of the program will allow me to teach others how to sell on eBay with approved materials. Had I not participated in the Parent Panel summit, I never would have known about the program.

Having another stream of revenue helps our family tremendously.  Last year my husband’s company was purchased. As part of the buy out, his opportunity for extra money disappeared in January of this year. We certainly weren’t expecting what amounts to almost 1/4 of his income gone. Just like that. This year has been more difficult for us financially to say the least. Knowing that I have opportunities with eBay gives us peace of mind that we will have a second steady source of income. I know that when things get tight, I can invest more into my eBay work and when things are ok, I can invest that time with my family.

Aside from the monetary and informational aspects of being an eBay seller, my self worth has taken a boost as well. No other job felt right for me – they all felt like jobs and not careers or lifelong professions. Being an eBay seller (and soon to be instructor) allows me to feel fulfilled as a photographer, an expert, teacher, a resource for others and frankly, it’s just plain fun. For the first time, I feel that I’ve found something I could do for the rest of my life. Thanks, eBay, from the bottom of my heart!


This post is part of my affiliation with the eBay Parent Panel. All opinions and experiences are my own. I’d tip my hat to eBay even if I weren’t part of the Parent Panel though.  Also, Ms. Richelle rocks and I wish I had taken a photo with her when I had the chance.