I’ve been sitting here staring at this empty text window for oh, about 10 minutes now. Nothing is coming to me. Is that writer’s block? Can you get writer’s block if you don’t feel qualified to call yourself a writer?

There are a million things I should be doing right now and none appeal. We have no Christmas tree up, no lights, my desk clutter is threatening to swallow me whole. Our DIY flooring project is on hold until payday. My brain wants us to do a pre-holiday clean up and organization of the house, but I can’t bring myself to get started. All I really want to do is go get my next tattoo, but that is on hold until payday as well. Does this happen to everyone? Do you get stuck in a thinking rut of all the stuff you have to accomplish but focus on the most inappropriate thing because everything else seems so out of reach?

I need a jump start. Some kind of kick in the pants to get me moving in the right direction. Maybe I just need my tattoo.