I have to confess, I’m no fashion designer. It’s sort of intimidating to look at the construction of the clothing in my closet and think I could replicate it. Sewing for myself isn’t something I do often, because I rarely find patterns that I fall for. Enter Skirt -A- Day Sewing by Nicole Smith!


This nifty book takes you step-by-step through making your own patterns. Now, this might be old hat for an expert seamstress. For a relative newby, it’s wonderfully written instruction. Aside from detailed instructions on how to take your own measurements, there are useful refreshers on types of fabric and how fabric is “built.”  Once you get past the step of making a slope especially with your own measurements, there are instructions for 28 skirts. I love that there  are variations of the basic skirt shapes and encouragement to mix and match the details. For a person who doesn’t like to follow all the rules (me!) having a book with so many possibilities is exciting. Normally when sewing for myself, I don’t use a pattern. I just wing it. Often, that doesn’t turn out so well. Now, I can make my own patterns.


I really enjoyed thinking of all the ways to tweak the skirts to suit my own preferences and body. I think Skirt-A-Day Sewing is a great tool for anyone who wants to add fun pieces to their wardrobe. My 14 year old stepdaughter was also intrigued, so the appeal is quite wide! Undoubtedly this would be a great gift for a budding clothing designer.


I had great fun with this chevron print by V & Co. My skirt was immediately put in to action the same night when my band played a show!


My sewing skills aren’t quite ready for detailed photos, but I am very happy with my first attempt at pattern making. I would never have tried making my own pattern if it hadn’t been for Skirt-A-Day, so I’m calling this a win.

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Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes. All opinions and crappy sewing skills are my own.