I’ve been sidetracked with *ahem* a little problem stemming from a wrong turn on a road trip. If you’ve been following along the Instagram saga, you’re all caught up. If not, you probably don’t want to hear all my TMI anyway. SO.

Back to binding! (Original post here if you need a refresher)

The swap is still happening if everyone still wants to play. We didn’t have many sign up, so at this point, I don’t think it matters if we do bias binding or straight binding. Just make whatever is easiest for you. The hashtag on IG is #bindingswap I will make updates using the hashtag, and I hope to see some awesome binding pictures too!


  • Mailing deadline is October 20 for International swappers and Nov 1 for domestic swappers. Shoot me an email when you’re ready to mail and I will send my mailing address. windylou at gmail dot com
  • 5 yards of print binding. Scrappy is fine.  (According to the tutorials I’m reading, you should be able to get that much bias binding out of a half yard)
  • You’ll mail the bindings to me and then I will redistribute.
  • Make sure to include a SASE and any other information you think is vital for me to know. (Like if you despise pink or something like that) If you really can’t stand bias binding or vice versa, let me know and I will do my best to get everyone what they like.
  • If ANYONE has suggestions or requests, please ask! This is the first time I’ve hosted a swap. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Refer back to the original post for links to tutorials or email me if you have any further questions that aren’t addressed there.

Here’s my final list of swappers. I only have a few of you that commented on the last post, but I know there were several more on IG that mentioned interest. If you don’t see your name, let me know! We still have plenty of time until the mailing deadline:

LeeAnn Howard @froggylegs IG

Kristi McDonough


Rhonda Laws @gapquilter IG

Shanna @Fiberofallsorts

Fran @Fcarden IG



Kritta22  @kritta22 IG

If you aren’t on the list and can get something in to me by the postmark deadline, go for it. Our numbers are small, so the more the merrier! Just please let me know if you are joining.



*photo by Maureen Cracknell, from her blog