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I’ve been hanging on to this SpareOne emergency phone trying to figure out how to review a product that I hope I never have to use. This week with all the tragedy surrounding the Oklahoma tornado damage is a great time to think about emergency preparedness. I grew up in a household that planned for […]

A while back I reviewed and gave away an awesome household cleaner: J.A.W.S. The Just Add Water System is cool because the products are environmentally friendly AND the packaging is minimal. The best part is the little refill holder attached to the bottle – it doesn’t get lost in the dark corners of a drawer […]

*HAPPY HAPPY UPDATE: The Germantown has changed their membership policies effective immediately!¬† All families are now included! *   I’m really angry this morning. I’ve been angry all night actually. A high school friend that I keep up with on facebook has been denied a GYM MEMBERSHIP because he, his partner and their children are […]

I’ve all but given up my music photography since moving to Michigan. Luckily, I find shows here and there where I can drag my big camera (Canon Rebel) along. Most often lately, I only use my phone camera (iPhone 4S) because it’s so damn handy. When we were on vacation in November I took my […]

  I was super excited to be given the opportunity to try out this cool gadgety gadget. Our family of four sports 3 smartphones and 2 tablets, and we’re looking at another smartphone in the near future. Since we share a data plan, sometimes The Millionaire has to remind us not to go heavy on […]

We have 7 cats. SEVEN. CATS. That means seven times the love and seven times the poop. It also means seven times the territorial disputes and night crazies. I would not trade any of my kitties, but hoo-boy I would trade the spraying, scratching and litter duty. The lovelies at Ceva generously provided me with […]

*THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!* Congratulations to Candace! Ok, admit it. When you see the word JAWS you think of the shark movie and you immediately hear the dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun music in your head, right? No need to fear, this awesome cleaning system is not gonna bite. I had the opportunity to test out the full JAWS […]

*THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED* Congratulations to Jen H. I’m teaming up with several other bloggers to support Michigan based businesses and locally made products. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Made In Michigan Blog Giveaway Hop hosted by DETROIT MOM AND HER VIEWS My love of thrifting doesn’t mean I never buy new! But in keeping […]

    In an amazing opportunity I had this Spring, I met Ms. Parham (featured the above eBay Thanks You video) as part of the eBay Parent Panel Summit. That short trip changed my entire outlook about eBay. I thought I was already on top of the world after being selected as part of the […]

Once in a blue moon I get a hankering for some jewelry. If you’ve ever met or known me IRL, you know that I am not a high-maintenance¬† make-up and jewels type. It’s a pretty rare thing that I go searching for a piece of jewelry. The last time I got new jewelry was for […]

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