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I’ve all but given up my music photography since moving to Michigan. Luckily, I find shows here and there where I can drag my big camera (Canon Rebel) along. Most often lately, I only use my phone camera (iPhone 4S) because it’s so damn handy. When we were on vacation in November I took my […]

Every year as a family we typically adopt a family. This year’s finances have been pretty tight, so we aren’t sure if we can swing it. Instead of giving up totally on the idea of helping someone in need, we’ve offered some help to a family friend. Still, it didn’t quite feel comparable to what […]

I have so many things swirling around my head to write about. Sometimes dumping it in one spot helps me clear my mind enough to move forward. There. I admitted it. So here are the posts I’d love to do, but haven’t found a way to gel into coherent thoughts. My hope is that I […]

I wrote this while still in Memphis  at Gonerfest 9. ” I can’t believe we waited so long to come to gonerfest dumb, dumb, dumb. My mopey days are done. The hoard won and I’m ok with that now. All is well when I’m siting in the back room of the HiTone watching gonerfest on […]

The one big plus to being married to a divorced man with kids is the built in date night every other weekend. Free babysitter! (I firmly believe all parents need a break from their kids on a regular basis,especially non-divorced parents!) Most times we just relax and enjoy the time to ourselves. Every now and […]

So, the kids finally realized their dream of meeting Mr. Shakes-a-lot. None other than Greg O. Cartwright. Greg did a solo show at Record Graveyard, all ages! We beat a path there, where we ran into some awesome folks and gave the kids an earful. Actually, they gave themselves an earful, since they requested most […]

…to interpret with mental-illness-goggles on. Positively 4th Street Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street You got a lotta nerve To say you are my friend When I was down You just stood there grinning You got a lotta nerve To say you got a helping hand to lend You just want to be on The side […]

June 2006 HiTone Memphis (with Digital Leather?)

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