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We went on a long baseball tournament. I sewed a lot of hexagons. BY HAND!



I’ve been a busy little bee down in my sewing room over the last little while. I have Pinterest and Instagram to thank for my recent fabric re-obsession. It’s hard for me to see so many gorgeous photos of other people’s projects and not be inspired. So far I’ve made a seat back organizer, a  lap quilt, a tote bag and a makeup bag, with several other projects lined up! Behold:

IMG_1335 IMG_1339 IMG_1310 IMG_1002

Today is my chicken baby girl’s birthday. She decided on a room makeover. Now, I don’t know how most people go about a room makeover, but I don’t have a few grand to throw at a 14 year old’s room, so we started small. I bought a few thrifted and clearance items to get us started – wall art, an ottoman and a set of letters that spell her name. With those things out of the way, I had to start thinking bigger. It will be up to her to decide on paint, so I didn’t tackle that for her. Instead I DIYed a bedspread.

As we were talking about how she wants her room to look, I directed her to Pinterest for some eye candy. Of course she found an amazing bedspread from Urban Outfitters that was completely and utterly out of the budget. (I didn’t even spend that much on my own bedding!)

Here’s the inspiration bedding:

urban outfitters ruffle

Now, this puppy retails at over $150. Nuh-uh. No way, no how. So I set about to recreate this as best I could with thrifted materials. I knew that I would have to buy yards and yards of fabric, which wasn’t in the budget either, so I went a hunting for a blanket and sheets that I could dye. My girl asked for charcoal gray. Baby I tried my best, but apparently my fabric dying skills aren’t up to snuff.



Turns out that when you want dark gray or black fabric from white fabric, you don’t actually use black dye. I got a gorgeous purple. Three times. Then I started adding other color dye to see what I could come up with. Long story short, I ended up with a slightly green tinted gray! Success! (sort of!) The blanket and one sheet were the same color, and the other sheet came out light gray. And not a nice matchy combo. So, I ditched the light gray sheet in favor of coordinating the ruffles and blanket.

I bought a gathering foot for my machine and ruffled the heck outta those ripped strips! For a bit of interest, I added a trim of grosgrain ribbon to separate the ruffles from the rest of the blanket, and with the left over sheeting, made a pillowcase with ribbon trim! She likes it!

Here’s my handiwork, with some improvisation thrown in. It’s not a copy, but I kind of like that it isn’t exactly like what we could buy in a store.



We’ve got some work ahead of us, but I think we are off to a great bedroom makeover start! Stay tuned for more progress.

If I could rip out walls and windows and re-do my entire kitchen I would. But I can’t, so I won’t. The next best thing is messing around with what I have. So be it.

When we bought our house there was no hardware on any of the cabinets. Still isn’t. I’m going to change that with some cute DIY   cabinet knobs in the kitchen!

I got started this weekend, so here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on!

IMG_0682 IMG_0680 IMG_0673

I’ve been pining for these birdies for quite a while now. Yesterday Whitney at Love Tattoo made them a reality for me. Best present so far!


After his brief nap under the tree, Captain decided to investigate further.


Turns out that publicly admitting you have no Christmas tree on Dec 10 makes you feel kind of shitty. Normally we put the Christmas tree in the living room. This year the living room is all torn to hell because we’ve ripped out the flooring. With our financial BS going on, we had pretty much decided to skip the tree this year. But then there are the kids. Despite no expectations of santa, and knowing that our Philadelphia trip was THE Christmas present this year, I still had that nagging guilt that we should do something.

Leave it to Pinterest and Instagram to give me a free idea. Behold, the DIY Christmas tree using materials we had on hand:


Congratulations to Candace!

Ok, admit it. When you see the word JAWS you think of the shark movie and you immediately hear the dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun music in your head, right? No need to fear, this awesome cleaning system is not gonna bite. I had the opportunity to test out the full JAWS (Just Add Water System) line of non-toxic cleaners in my home over the last few weeks.

First off, I love the minimal packaging. It’s a thing with me. I hate to make extra garbage if I can help it. Now I can finally feel better about buying household cleaners. The Just Add Water System is pretty cool. Each spray bottle can easily be reused because JAWS utilizes a cartridge system. And, when I say easy, I mean I handed the kids each a bottle and cartridge and said “See if you can figure out how this works.” Within a few seconds they read the instructions on the bottle and popped in the cleaning solution cartridge with no help or prompting for me. If they hadn’t been headed to their mom’s house, I would have had them test out cleaning the bathroom! Bwahahahahaha.

The bottles I tried out had an awesome cartridge holder attached to the side of the bottle. Can I get an amen? My OCD loves that the refills are stored ON THE BOTTLE! You always know how many you have. No excuses of “I can’t find the refill!” Having the refill on the bottle also means I don’t have to come up with extra space to store the refill cartridges.

And the best thing? JAWS cleaner actually works. It’s all well and good to have a fun new gadget to try, but if it doesn’t work it ends up as a dust catcher. The degreaser degreases, the bathroom cleaner de-grimes, the all purpose cleaner removed kitty paw prints from my windows. I’m sold.

Now for the good news: JAWS is BOGO at all area Hiller’s stores, from Nov. 12-25. (www.Jawscleans.com).The cleaner line is regularly $4.99 a bottle (with one refill included).

Wanna try before you buy? Enter to win a set of JAWS cleaning products

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can find JAWS online, on Twitter and Facebook and in local stores like Hiller’s, Busch’s and BedBathandBeyond

It must be said: JAWS graciously provided me with a full line and refills of their awesome cleaning system. I was not paid for my opinion. Giveaway prize is provided by JAWS. All honest opinions and corny jokes are my own.

(If you’re looking for the blog hop post featuring the awesome giveaways, go here)

It’s fall. The weather is windy and chilly. And that means one thing to me: nesting. I’m a winter hibernator in general, but one thing I continually enjoy through the cold months is cooking and baking. Posting some of my yummy concoctions has been in my mental to-do list for a long time, so here goes another one.

This “recipe” is particularly timely on Halloween because it is Frankensteinian in nature. I cobbled it together from a handpie recipe and a dish my mom made during one of her visits.  This one is utter genius and the WHOLE FAMILY loves it. The person who loves it the most? The pickiest, moodiest, food-whiner. He requests it more often than I’m willing to make it.

Roasted Cauliflower Pie, or for today, Mummified Cauliflower

This recipe will make one “pie” but is easily doubled or tripled. I served this first at a Teacher Appreciation luncheon serving 60 people. Each pie make approximately 4 servings, but can be stretched if served as a side dish or buffet style. Excellent, flavorful vegetarian recipe!


1 head of cauliflower chopped

1 red bell pepper and/or 1 yellow bell pepper

1 small onion

1 tube of crescent roll dough (you can get fancy pants and make your own dough if you want, but this makes things quick and easy)

olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

cavender’s greek seasoning

Pizza stone or baking sheet

Preheated 350 degree oven


Chop cauliflower, peppers, and onion. (Quick tip: I pre-chop and freeze onions, peppers and celery to cut down on prep time, so the pictured onions & peppers are frozen.)

Pan roast them in a skillet adding spices to taste. Once softened – cauliflower and onion begin to turn clear, remove cauliflower mixture from heat and set aside.

On the pan or pizza stone rub a few drops of olive oil to slightly grease the pan. Open the crescent roll dough. Begin laying out the triangles wide end to wide end down the middle of the pan, with the points facing out. Lightly press the dough together down the center. It’s perfectly fine to add a second tube of dough if you want a larger pie to fill the pan, a cruster pie, or if you are expanding the recipe for a large function.

Spoon the cauliflower in a pile down the center. Some will spill out, and you may have a spoonful or so left over, depending on the size of your head of cauliflower.

After the dough center is covered alternately wrap the points of the dough over the top of the cauliflower mound and overlap the tips similar to a bread braid.

Bake at 350 until the dough is golden brown. Cut into slices and serve. If you are very lucky, you will even get to eat some.

This is all that was left by the time I got to the kitchen with a camera:


As far as I know, this is my original recipe. Feel free to share, but please link back or at least give me credit. If I am mistaken and this is published elsewhere unbeknownst to me, please let me know so I don’t continue to claim it!


I have so many things swirling around my head to write about. Sometimes dumping it in one spot helps me clear my mind enough to move forward. There. I admitted it. So here are the posts I’d love to do, but haven’t found a way to gel into coherent thoughts. My hope is that I can put this out there for accountability purposes:

  • More kitty introductions. The world definitely needs more cat photos on the internet.
  • Further discussion of the Deep Clean Extravaganza
  • My dysfunctional extended family and the emotional blackmail and abuse that come along for the ride – there’s so much I could probably write a book. Not even kidding a little bit.
  • Crafty shits. I don’t feel like I’ve gotten my craft on all year. That makes me sad. I blame a summer heat wave and no A/C
  • Gonerfest 9 photos.
  • My awesome Shutterfly cards & super duper adorable TinyPrints return address labels (just about my only creative efforts this year)
  • Product review for an awesome pet product that I LOVE.
  • An upcoming giveaway and blog hop – stay tuned because this one is imminent.

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