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*HAPPY HAPPY UPDATE: The Germantown has changed their membership policies effective immediately!¬† All families are now included! *   I’m really angry this morning. I’ve been angry all night actually. A high school friend that I keep up with on facebook has been denied a GYM MEMBERSHIP because he, his partner and their children are […]

I’ve been sitting here staring at this empty text window for oh, about 10 minutes now. Nothing is coming to me. Is that writer’s block? Can you get writer’s block if you don’t feel qualified to call yourself a writer? There are a million things I should be doing right now and none appeal. We […]

I have so many things swirling around my head to write about. Sometimes dumping it in one spot helps me clear my mind enough to move forward. There. I admitted it. So here are the posts I’d love to do, but haven’t found a way to gel into coherent thoughts. My hope is that I […]

My babe is out of town, the cats are all crying to go outside, and I’m bleeding like a stuck pig from the sharp edge of the tape gun. At least¬† is Monday today – I thought it was Monday all day yesterday. But being Monday it means tomorrow is Tuesday and I have a […]

Since childhood I’ve been VERY sensitive to certain ideals: honesty, justice and fairness are a few of the top contenders. As I have grown up and become more interested in human behavior and practices, etiquette and manners have become one of my favorite pet peeves. Now, I’m prefacing this so that this doesn’t get turned […]

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